Friday, October 28, 2016

The 40's

The Fantastic 1940’s

Though the first half of the decade was overshadowed by war, the post-war 40's... 

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The 50's

The Fabulous 1950’s

Click any image to view full size. With the post war economy still on the upswing,... 

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The Retro Kitchen

Kitchens of the 40’s & 50’s

The Retro Kitchen theme is in, and it is here to stay. There's nothing like decorating with vintage kitchenware and furnishings from the colorful post-war 1940's or the atomic era of the 1950's to add instant charm and a touch of nostalgia to today's contemporary kitchen. Happily, modern appliances in stainless and chrome blend perfectly with retro decor.

A Typical 1940's KitchenThe mid-1940's kitchen was dominated by tile, linoleum floors, painted cabinets, glass knobs, bright colorful linens and bold primary colors. Navy blue, cherry red, sunny yellow and Kelly green were the colors of choice. Kitchen textiles featured fruits and/or gingham. Breadboxes and canisters of colorful enamel were both fun and functional. Kromax Ware pots and pans, glass Pyrex cookware and Sunbeam Mixmasters were kitchen staples, as were metal cookie cutters, and kitchen gadgets with cream & green or red & white painted handles.

A pink 1950's Retro KitchenThe 1950's kitchen typically featured an open floor plan, pastel colors, a Formica counter and lots of chrome. Meals were most likely served on Melmac or Corning Cornflower dinnerware. Kitchen linens featured chefs, roosters, kitchen utensils, teapots and coffee pots. Turquoise, aqua, pale pink and yellow were standard kitchen colors. Souvenir tablecloths, novelty salt & pepper shakers and Holt Howard condiment jars were plentiful. In-home Tupperware demonstrations brought the product into kitchens across the country. Cookie jars were whimsical (and always full.)

Whether you prefer the bold colors of the mid to late 40's, the soft pastels of the 50's, or opt for a bit of each, we have plenty of hand-picked affordable retro kitchen accessories and vintage textiles for you to choose from.